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Characteristic of the school

        Grammar School – Gymnázium – in Snina was established in 1953 to become the school aimed at providing general education and preparation of students for university studies. Over 66 years of existence, the school has become the stepping stone for the further life and study for more than four thousand graduates. Many of them are significantly aplied in various areas of life and to generations of school teachers are the best models.
At present time there are 214 students studying in 12 classes in the school, 6 classes of four-year study and 6 classes of 8-year study. The school has 36 employees including 26 teachers. The priority of the school educational programme is reinforcing of foreign languages education – English, French, German, Russian and Spanish languages – and an implementation of ICT into each of the subjects.
Our school has been taking part in various educational projects for a long time, whereby the competencies for students and teachers are increasing and the material equipment of 18 specialized multimedia classrooms have been improved and innovated. There are specialized classrooms for Slovak language and literature, foreign languages, mathematics, physics, computer sciences, chemistry, biology, history, geography, educational subjects (music, arts) and a foreign languages laboratory. In the school auditorium with a capacity of 130 people, we regularly organize various events, for example lectures performed by different personalities of social and scientific fields of study, seminars, meetings, conferences, video conferences, meetings with parents, multigenerational graduates reunions and social events, thereby school declares its openness to the general public.

RNDr. Iveta Lazorová

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